So if you’ve been around on our YouTube channel for a while, you’ve probably seen a couple of videos I’ve done about Star Wars: The Black Series!
This is Hasbro’s 1:12 or 6-inch scale line of “premium” collectors’ action figures. A sort of “one-stop-shop” for all things Star Wars at a really high-quality but affordable price. It was essentially Star Wars’ answer to fellow Disney-owned Hasbro toy line, Marvel Legends. The line started in 2013, giving us Highly articulated and detailed plastic representations of our FAVORITE characters of a Galaxy far far away, and has continued to do so to the present. Well… sort of. Just stick with me, I’m getting there.
Black Series has evolved quite a bit over its life, from being primarily original trilogy focused to sequel-heavy, the shift from (now pretty God-awful) painted heads to face-scan technology and numerous packaging changes. For a good long while there, it seemed like Black Series could only ever improve!
I started by collecting Marvel Legends since they had been around for quite a while. Actually, I can trace my 6” action figure frenzy back to its roots. The “Super Articulated Spider-Man” from Toybiz based off his look from the Sami Rami film. I picked up that bad boy secondhand. He was missing the toe off the joint on the left foot, but he was still the coolest figure I had. SUPER detailed, SUPER poseable, and SUPER accurate to the film (at least by 2002 standards). That figure is so good that even today it fetches upwards of $60 in good shape! I’ve seen my fair share come through the toy room at NVG, and every time I get a little sentimental.

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